I love this bundle. The way all of the weeks are organized makes this bundle so easy to use. I could not be happier. I also love the order in which these skills are taught. I wouldn't change a thing.
Alexandra S., Feb. 2022
This resource has changed my grammar block!! It is so easy to use, and is very low in prep time. My students have really connected with the things we have been learning with this and I've already seen growth from it. I recommend that everyone buy it, its worth the buy!!
Alisha M., Jan. 2022
This bundle has been a saving grace. The school I'm currently in does not have grammar curriculum, nor a scope and sequence for skills. This has allowed my students and I to follow a logical flow that is not completely made up from my poor brain. Thank you!
Alicia F., December 2023
This was a great resource to use as we do not have a set curriculum for our grammar. It cut down on teacher prep and had wonderful worksheets that could be used as homework, classwork, and extra work if parents requested it for practice! It also ensured that I was teaching what needs to be covered for 3rd grade as I am new to the grade level! I cannot recommend another resource more!
Emily T., December 2023