This was GREAT. Exactly what I needed for my grade three classroom. It was really student friendly. They really work well with the task cards.
Katherine M., April 2023
Incredible!! Thank you so much!! I was hunting down all of these components last year and it wasn't fun. Now, I can just click on this and everything I need to teach 1st quarter is here!
Kristin R., January 2024
i LOVE the grammar unit! It's engaging and easy to teach. You teach one mini lesson a week that's about ten minutes and reinforce the skills with the activities suggested! There's plenty of activities to choose and use if needed! I combine it in a notebook with spelling and it's really cool how everything has turned out.
Yolanda L., December 2023
My students loved this, they learned a lot. They kept on wanting to do it because it was so fun and exciting. We use it almost every day.
Jessica A., November 2023